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Wisconsin roofing contractors you may be interested to know…

Get Found Online:  If you want to rank on the first page of search results for terms just like Wisconsin roofing contractors or WI roofers, then this may interest you.

If you’re a roofing contractor WI then you need to have your website on the first page of Google just like this video. If you’re not there guess who will be there. The other roofing contractors in Wisconsin area are going to end up if you’re not.


Get Found Online:

If you’re a roofing contractor in Wisconsin then you need to have your business be findable online. Just do a basic google search of Wisconsin roofer and you can see how many people are looking for a roofing contractor in Wisconsin. These are your lost customers finding your competitors instead of your business.

5 Local SEO Tips for Your Online Videos

I am sure that you have carried out plenty of Google searches in your lifetime. I am also sure that you have noticed that for many of the keywords you type in, the top results will often be dominated by videos that appear on YouTube. This means that in most cases, you may find that it is much better to attempt to rank a video online than it is to try to get top rankings for your website.

Research has shown that the chance of getting a page 1 listing on Google will increase by as much as 53 times if you upload a video to YouTube. It often requires very little effort compared to standard SEO too.

After all, if you are operating on a local basis, then it is very unlikely that your competitors will be using the same method. Honestly, within just a couple of days and some decent videos, you could potentially be ranking at the top of those searches. This means that you will effectively be taking business AWAY from your competitors.

Of course, if you want to be ranked up there as quickly as possible, then you are going to need to make sure that you optimize the video when you upload it. This is where Search Engine Optimization skills come into play.

Tips to Get Found OnlineGet Found Online when you upload a video to YouTube, you will have to fill in a number of boxes. The most important ones will be:

  • Get Found Online:  Category: It is worth noting that the categories for YouTube are VERY general. Just try to choose one as close to your niche as possible.
  • Get Found Online:  Video Title: This is fairly self-explanatory. You want a quick title that shows a little about what the content is about, while incorporating your keywords. It’s also a good idea to put your company’s phone number in the title; this way, it shows up right on the search results page.
  • Get Found Online:  Keywords: These are obviously the search phrases that your target audience is likely to type in when searching for your type of business. These keywords will have an impact on how easy it is to find you, both through the YouTube search engine and the Google search engine. Try to include keywords that you are already using in your SEO campaign, and maybe a few additional ones on top of this.
  • Get Found Online:  Description: This is the most important box that you can fill in when trying to get your online videos ranked. Your description needs to really tell the viewer what your video is about this is how to get found online. Keywords are vital here as they will help you get ranked quickly. In addition to this you need to have a link to your website; this will hopefully drive more traffic to it.
  • Get Found Online:  Geo-Targeting: Geo-targeting your videos can really help you hone in on consumers who live in your area. If you have a bit of cash to spend then it is worth looking into promoting your YouTube videos through Google AdWords. You will then be able to ensure that only those in a specific area will be able to see it. This means you will not be spending money on promoting it to people who you have absolutely no chance of converting into customers.

Remember; upload videos on a regular basis and always target different keywords. The more keywords you target and the more videos you have, the higher the chance of you dominating the first page of the search engines.

We get you found online.  Remember you may have the best website, but if no one can find you, why have a website.  We convert your website to sales generating machines.  Give us a call and we can help you rank for terms like Wisconsin roofing contractor. Get your free marketing report now.

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