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Tired of high priced yellow book ads that don’t generate response that you seek? Why Use Video Marketing or Social Media? 

You realize times are changing. Just think back a few years ago, you placed an ad or ran a radio advertisement and sales came in. Nowadays, you must advertise, have a website, develop a social media campaign and then people will do business with you.

Business owners are busy nowadays more than ever. Lets face it, it takes more time and energy to obtain customers.  If you take part of your advertising and expand to online marketing, you costs may decrease.


Why Use Video Marketing:  Content Ideas for your Video Marketing Campaign

Online video marketing is one of the most ground-breaking, economical, and successful marketing methods available to the local small business. Whether you are a dentist, an architect, or a plastic surgeon video marketing can increase brand awareness, stimulate interest and put money in your bank account due to the new faces walking into the door of your business. After all, getting feet in the door is the point of marketing, right?

One question a lot of small business owners asks is, “But, what do I video?”

It’s really simple. If you’ve been keeping up a blog, and article marketing, you can repurpose your blog content, and articles into videos. If you aren’t doing any of that, it’s okay, you can start now with video and then repurpose your video content in a strategic way to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

As a small business owner you’ve likely been contacted and probably even pay hundreds of dollars a month for your local yellow page advertisement, maybe you even upgraded and have a yellow pages website. You’re probably not getting the results you thought you would and might even be afraid of the cost of creating videos for your local business. But, take heart, creating effective marketing videos need not break the bank. Here are some content ideas for local marketing videos:

Why Use Video Marketing:  Customer Testimonial Videos — Ask your local customers to send their own videos to you about why they love your products and / or services. You can offer an incentive for the winning video testimonial. In the meantime you can combine the testimonials to make one type of video, a testimonial video that you show on your website, blog, on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Why Use Video Marketing:  Product Demonstration Videos — Creating a product demonstration video is a great way to show how your product works to potential new customers. If you have a fabulous widget, or provide a unique service you can demonstrate it with a product demonstration video. For instance: If you are an architect you can video the process of designing and even building the house and speed it up to show how it all works using time lapse.

Why Use Video Marketing:  How To Videos — Obviously this is simply a video that tells your potential and / or current clients how to do something. If you own a local Yoga Studio you can provide some sample lessons via video. (You can even create full length videos and sell these at your studio!) There is no limit on how many how to videos you can create. You may think this is counterproductive, because you want to do this service for the client, but most people will watch a video and then want to hire you instead of doing it themselves anyway.

Why Use Video Marketing:  Daily Video Blog — Otherwise called a vlog, simply means a blog that is a video. Believe it or not it can be faster to just say what you want to say each day into your webcam than to type it up. You can have your Virtual Assistant transcribe it, and edit it, and post it. You can simply spend five minutes recording what you want to say.

Why Use Video Marketing:  Viral Videos– Believe it or not most viral videos aren’t created by accident. A viral video covers a few important factors and are often created more as a branding tactic than a sales tactic. Short, emotional, and easily shareable. It pulls at the emotions in a way that the person watching does not feel marketed to. The viral video can be cute or controversial, but it will be something people want to share, and it should have a way to point back to you otherwise sharing can be quite useless.

If this interests you get a free marketing analysis today and you will find where you can improve your marketing.  We are here to help and answer your questions and you will learn in-depth analysis of why you should use video marketing to engage your prospects and boost conversions.

Enjoy our blog, we update it frequently with the latest marketing tips and strategies to generate leads, increase your sales and get your website found online with specific marketing processes.


Video Marketing Works..


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