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Local Wisconsin Dentist Learn The Value of Marketing Online. 

Do your customers find you or your competitors online?  How do you know.

Lets face it consumer spending habits change. Consumers no long look in the yellow pages or newspaper to find local goods and services.  Did you know they search on google places and youtube first then they shop locally.  An average of 89% search online and buy locally.  The market is changing.

Are you adapting or will your leads and customers go to your competitors?

Learn New Tips:  Want your own effective online marketing, or a yellowbook or animoto branded video? 

For less than you may think you can brand yourself and your own company not them.  Find out how your marketing is measuring up with a market analysis of your website.  Click the link above now and start prospering with online marketing.

Learn New Tips:  Keep Your Personal Views Out of Social Media 

Although social media is all about making connections with others and allowing them to see the human side of your business, there are certain thresholds that should never be crossed.

From personal problems to personal views on current events and news, there are many topics that are best left unsaid no matter how passionate you are about them.

Learn New Tips:  How Personal Views Can Ruin your Online Presence

As much as you support a new cause that seems only logical that everyone else should support, the fact is that there are millions of people in this world that will probably disagree with you.

Sharing your private views, no matter how positive it may seem to you, has the potential to turn people off. Moreover, the same thing applies to causes that you oppose. While you may personally disagree with a new law, it’s bad business practice to impose your personal objections onto your customers.

This is an almost guaranteed way to alienate current customers and drive away future paying customers. No matter how plausible your views seem to you, keep in mind that there are others who may not think the same way you do. While it’s extremely important to engage with others, there has to be a balance, and staying biased regarding current events and debates is always recommended.Learn new tip

Learn New Tips:  Your Personal Problems and/or Family Issues

Social media has a way of connecting people so closely that you may feel it’s safe to share personal problems with your followers. On one hand, this is a good sign that you’re doing what you’re supposed to and connecting on a human level with other people.

On the other hand, however, incorporating your private problems – whether it’s family issues or problems with neighbors – runs the risk of turning people away. Negativity of any kind is something many people don’t want to deal with from a business. They are there for your services, so provide the best business you can while keeping your personal issues aside.

With the advance of social media and video marketing are you set to learn new tips to boost your leads and build your business?  Get the facts today. Call or click today.

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