What is Your Marketing Hook? Posters, Flyers, Videos and Trade Fairs Are Fun.

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What is Your Marketing Hook?

For some years now trade fairs have been very much a part of local and regional businesses and are still proving a very great way to get more interested in your business.   If you attend trade fairs you are providing a visible presence which allows you to show how relevant your company is and how much it has to offer.   Plus it provides you with the opportunity to make valuable contacts that could prove beneficial to your business in the future.

Having a stand at a local trade fair is the best place to start your marketing push.  Although they are fairly unvarnished in respect of what they aim to do and how they go about it the clue is right there in the name.   These are designed to help people to do business and having a visible presence at such events means you are going to be able to persuade people to find out more about you.  As a result you will be able to convince them that spending money with you is the right thing to do.

You should walk around the trade fair as it will enable you to see ways that can help you to connect with your audience better.  However it does help if you are willing to let your charisma shine.  But if you don’t think you have enough charisma then arrange to use an employee who does on your trade stand throughout the time the fair is taking place.   Although it may seem a bit corny but what is true is that people are more willing to do business with you when you smile at them.   However it will only work if the smile is one that shows to others that you are a fun company to do business and we would like to do business with you.   If you produce a smile that says I’m here because I have to be simply won’t work.

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