Viral Marketing: If You Snooze, You Will Lose

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Viral Marketing:  Learn how videos gain buzz with viral marketing

One of the most popular forms of marketing being used on the internet today is viral marketing.

If you are not aware of this to put it simply it is a form of marketing where you place advertisements on the internet to help create a stir around them because they have been targeted in such a way that makes it virtually impossible for them not to get noticed.

Whether you choose to use an off the wall video clip, free game or character blog this form of marketing can prove extremely effective.

Viral Marketing:  Yet viral marketing is also possible without the need for the internet.  However you will find it a lot more difficult to achieve what you want without having the instant connection to the web that it gives it users.   In fact it does require the use of some trickery on your part in order to make it work and if you are willing to put in the time it can prove just as effective as the type we see on the internet now.

Viral Marketing:  First off you need to arouse the viewer’s curiosity in order to get people thinking what it is about.   This can be done through use of placement of a letter in a local newspaper that makes some claim that is totally outlandish to ensure that people will respond and help to build it then into a news story locally.   But the idea is that you build up hype around your product without actually revealing what it is.   People enjoy games where they have to guess at something and like it more when they can say to others that they were right.

Viral Marketing:  Of course when you do finally reveal what all the fuss has been about you need to make sure that it is something pretty special for your customers to see.  This is a great way of grabbing the attention of a large group of people and something a great many advertisers will pay huge sums of money to get.

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