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Video converts better than written sales copy period.

Learn how effective video marketing is at attracting new customers and generating leads.   Learn the powerful secrets of Using high impact videos like this…To greatly expand your business product and services on the internet. 

Turn Your Website Into a Customer Magnet With Videos

It does not take a marketing genius to realize that the longer you keep a visitor on your website, the better chance you have of making a sale. After all, the second that visitor leaves your website, you have lost them; and it is unlikely they will ever return.

As you can probably guess, a ton of research has gone into ensuring that a site visitor is kept for as long as possible. This research has indicated that online video is without a doubt the best method for this.

Video Marketing:  Having a video on a website can increase the average amount of time a user spends on a website by two minutes. This means you have two whole extra minutes to convert them into a customer. If you only have text on your site, then it is likely that people will only read the headline. If it does not grab their attention, they will leave.

You may be lucky enough to have them read the first paragraph or something, but this is really all the time that you get. There is just something about a video that compels people to click that play button.

Video marketing strategiesVideo Marketing:  The wonderful thing about video content is that it is not difficult to get people to watch. People in this day and age are used to watching video content. After all, many of us spend our days slumped in front of that television or browsing YouTube.  So when it comes to internet content consumption, we simply don’t want to read through pages and pages of text.

As a business owner, this works to your advantage.

It is much easier to convey your sales message in a video than it is in text. People want to see a product or service in visual form. They want to be told exactly how it is going to help them.

Video Marketing:  If it is a product, they want to be SHOWN exactly how it is going to work and what they can use it for. They do not want to read about it. After all, it is very easy to misinterpret textual information. It is not so easy to misinterpret information in a video.

With a video marketing, you can give a brief outline on how to use that particular product. You may even give a couple of examples on the type of people who may benefit from it. If you are promoting a service, then you may wish to give an ‘interactive’ demonstration of the benefits of it. Just be sure to make sure the content is engaging and useful to viewer so they watch all of it.

Video Marketing:  Obviously, you still need some text on your site; both consumers and search engines enjoy a variety of content on any given site.  So it’s always a smart idea to mix things up and include various types of content on your website.

However, videos marketing can definitely help people stick around longer. So if you are not using videos on your website, it’s time to take a serious look at it if you want your website to turn more visitors into paying customers.

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