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Did you know video marketing engages and grabs people attention quick.

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Why Online Video Marketing Is the Future of Content Marketing

Content; it is the lifeblood of the internet. It is why all of us head online. Without content, the internet simply would not exist. Of course, the type of content served up online has changed drastically over the years.

In the early days, you were lucky to get a bit of unformatted text. We then entered the image age where people seemed to pepper-pot their page with all sorts of flashy imagery in an attempt to spruce it up.

Video marketing:  Things have changed even more in the past few years. We have now entered the online video age. Judging by what we have seen so far, it is likely that online video is going to be the future. Studies have shown that around 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos. This is huge. After all, there is much more textual content online than there are videos.

The explosion in video popularity boils down to the fact that most of us are very media-centric. We spend hours upon hours relaxing in front of the television or cinema watching all sorts of movies and shows. Very few people want to pick up a book nowadays.

They want all of the information that they need to be served up to them on a digital plate. People really do not want to comb through pages of pages of text when they can get all that they need in a space of just a couple of minutes. This is unlikely to change….ever.

Video marketing:  Granted, there could be a drastic change in the distant future, but for now online video is where content marketing is at. It is not just consumers that are favoring video content over written text either; just do a search online using Google or a similar search engine. For the majority of keywords, video content will appear above the rest of the results.

This is because search engines know that this is the type of content that people want. After all, their job is to serve up the content that is most in demand for any given keyword.

For businesses, using video as a content marketing method is absolutely perfect. People are more inclined to watch videos than read through heaps of text, which means you can get your message across better. Not only that, video content is much more likely to convert viewers into customers than text-only content.

Video marketing:  Furthermore, in the age of social media more people are sharing content than ever before. And let’s face it; sharing textual content just isn’t as much fun as sharing a great video with friends, family, and colleagues.

So businesses that constantly deliver top-quality video marketing content to their audience are more likely to be shared with others. This means that their companies will receive a great deal more exposure than those not using online videos. The result is usually more money in their bank accounts.

Honestly, if your business is utilizing the power of online videos marketing, it’s definitely time to add it to your marketing plan; you are missing out on a proven winning strategy.

Video marketing is the new norm, video engages the sense and makes people pay attention to your online digital marketing.  

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2000, following a corporate downsizing. Transitioning from a conventional corporate role, I entered the thrilling field of online digital marketing.

My ambition, passion for writing, and drive for success led me to found Bull Falls Marketing, committed to innovative digital marketing solutions. These attributes not only paved my way to success but positioned me as a thought leader in the industry.

I’ve had the privilege of featuring my writings on digital marketing in respected publications like The Daily Buzz. My understanding of the digital world, expressed through my distinctive writing style, has earned recognition and respect.

My journey from corporate life to a leader in digital marketing reflects resilience, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. Through Bull Falls Marketing and my continuous contributions, I strive to inspire and guide others toward online business success.



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