Video Marketing and Your Business: Your business needs to be marketing with videos.

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Video Marketing and Your Business: Your business needs to be marketing with videos.

Video Marketing and Your Business:  Your business needs to be on the web. Nothing gets your message across quicker and more effectively. Video is visual and grabs peoples attention.  With the consumers spending 38 minutes per night watching videos, are they finding you or your competitors online.

Have you wanted to dabble in some video marketing but think that it’s too expensive and out of your reach? 

Feel like it’s too hard to do it yourself (DIY)? Well, I have news for you, it’s not hard to do it yourself and it’s not hard to find a service provider who can do it for you expertly at a price you can afford.

Video Marketing and Your Business:  Beyond your reach? Think again!

You don’t even have to hire offshore to get a reasonable price! You just need to know where to look.

First, if you want to DIY you’ll need to ensure you have the right software. This software can be had free via something called Open Source Software.  Simply do a Google Search on “Open Source Video Editing Software” and you’ll come up with a list. There is also a list on Wikipedia that you can view here.  You’ll have to choose a software that matches your operating system but there are free open source versions for any system.

Video Marketing and Your Business:  If you have a little money to spend consider buying software called Camtasia. Camtasia is a full-fledged professional video editing software that works pretty well and is intuitive and easy to learn. You can even purchase lessons for learning Camtasia or watch their free lessons on their website. There are even free lessons on! If you have a MAC you can try Apple’s Final Cut Pro software. Both of these, you can try free for a specific amount of time. The important thing is to find some video editing software to use. There are even specialty versions of software you can buy specifically for creating videos with all sorts of easy to insert special effects. You can also use Microsoft Movie Maker or YouTube’s on online editor.

Once you have editing software you need to have a good camera. Purchasing an HD webcam or a HD digital camera of any kind will work well. Even if you can’t afford to purchase the best camera, the next most important thing is the lighting. If you have good lighting even a cheaper camera will work well. Lighting is something you have to practice at but you can use a variety of lights and lamps that you probably already even own to test out what works best for your particular video.  The other aspect is sound, having a good microphone that cancels out extraneous sound is imperative to creating a perfect sounding video without sounds that bother people. It will take a bit of practice but you can do it!

Video Marketing and Your Business:  Once you get those aspects out of the way, choose some content to get started. You can even choose content you’ve already used elsewhere to repurpose. Try taking a How To blog post and creating it into a video. Don’t worry about mistakes, just keep working through mistakes and then work on editing it. You can adjust a lot of things via good editing including to a point, poor lighting. Even if you find that after creating the rough draft video you aren’t good at editing, you can send the raw footage to a service provider who specializes in video editing and production and come back with something that is probably better than you ever thought it could be. Prices vary so ensure that you get three to five quotes before you choose someone. Ask to see some before and after demonstrations of their work.

Video Marketing and Your Business:  Now that you have your video, just post it on, your blog, your website, your social media, and sit back and wait for the response. Oh, don’t forget to use great key-worded titles, and descriptions so that potential customers can find you when they search Google. You’ll be surprised how fast your videos will show up on Google when placed on YouTube. Most of all have fun with your local video marketing and don’t get too bogged down with being perfect.

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Video Marketing and Your Business need to be using digital online marketing.

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