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 Develop Engaging Facebook Fan Pages for Lead Generation

Facebook Fan Pages:  40% of consumers like a business Facebook fan page to get promotions and discounts. This means that is vital that your company deliver quality coupons and offers on your page. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to learn more. Facebook fan pages work.  Find out how today.

Facebook Fan Pages and Timeline Marketing For Local Businesses

You either love Facebook or you have no time for it. But the real question to be asked is … What do your customers think of Facebook? Do they use it?

There are now over a billion active users, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has just announced this via The Globe and Mail.1 The Toronto newspaper’s columnist, Michael Blabad, shrewdly observes: “Its stock may be rocky, but Facebook itself has hit a new high.” And the “Likes,” reports the same article, have hit over a trillion…

“I didn’t want to join Facebook, but it’s the only way I can keep up with my family,” complained an older friend at a recent business breakfast – one who may well be your customer talking. And this is a reason you may well hear countless times, when you speak to customers well over the so-called “median user age of 22.”

Facebook is everywhere. People access it on Smartphones and mobile phones: while they’re waiting for trains or drinking cappuccinos at Starbucks; while they’re walking or jogging to the gym; at work and at home – and everywhere in between. Smartphones and Facebook are more than a habit for some. They’re an addiction.

And your ideal audience may well use both to check out local businesses – including your competitors – for items they need.

Given this fact of life, can you afford to ignore Facebook as part of your marketing and promotional strategies?

To do so would be like painstakingly picking corn, ear by ear – completely ignoring the giant combine, all gassed up and ready to go, at your disposal.

“But I don’t know how to drive a combine,” you quaver.

That’s easy. Hire a driver!

You can do the same thing with Facebook – hire a social media manager – and if you’ve got the budget for that, it can be a shrewd strategy. Even if you decide to do so, however, it’s much better if you, yourself, know enough to decide whether or not that social media manager or consultant is doing a good job and getting you valid results.

Facebook Fan Pages to generate buzz about your company and good and services your company sells.



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