QR Codes Can Help Grow Your Local Business.

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How can QR codes and mobile marketing expand customer acquistion

  1. QR codes can quickly you quickly spread the word about new products and services.
  2. They provide instant gratification to your target audience.
  3. QR codes are fun, interactive and exciting for consumers.
  4. They are extremely versatile and cost effective.
  5. QR codes can help you easily build a list of subscribers and repeat customers.

Tips for Using QR Codes in Your Business

So you have put together a brilliant set of marketing materials. It is expertly written and it really nails home the benefits of your products and services. This is fantastic. If you have done your job properly, people will be itching to know more about what you offer.

Most printed marketing materials end up getting lost and if people don’t jot down the information and file it away in a safe place, those leads are officially gone.

Even if they don’t lose the material… will they remember to check it out later?

In most cases, the answer is “no” because they usually get busy and forget although they had good intentions.

QR Codes

How can you change this? Well, you can use QR codes.

With expert placement, you will get more attention for your marketing initiatives because many users will scan them immediately find out what you have waiting for them on the other side.

Tip: Make sure your QR codes are large enough and clear enough so that any phone can scan it without problems.

What are some ways you can use QR codes?

One common way to use them is to send users to your website, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you do use them to send people to your website, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. Otherwise, users will be frustrated due to the fact that they can’t view your site on the other end.

If you have a coupon, promotion, or event, you can use QR codes to alert people about it.  If you use text message marketing or email marketing, use to get people to opt-in to your list.

Many businesses even use these codes in their retail stores to provide more product details. For example; you could attach QR codes to your product packaging and your customers can scan it to find out more detailed information.

The benefit here is that you do not need staff to come and feed them the information that they need to make a buying decision.  Instead, they can get it themselves right in the palm of their hands.

These are just a few ways QR codes can help grow your business, but there are many other ways to put them to use.

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