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Mobile Marketing:  It is kind of marketing, but using Mobile Phones. It is one of the smartest ways of marketing.

Targeting right audience is the key in Mobile Marketing. Day by day Smartphone are increasing this mobile marking is also inserting with a significant growth.

Learn the Five Types of Mobile Messages: 

1. Short Message Service (SMS)

2. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

3. Bluetooth

4. WAP (Download Games ,Ring tones, Applications)

5. Audio Ads

Short Message Service (SMS)

It is called as text messaging. Sending short messages up to 144 characters

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Sending messages which include multimedia images, audio, video, rich text. With the increase of Smartphone like iPhone, android these MMS messages are having great demand in future.

In future this growth will extend to video chat with the advanced technologies like 3G.

It is a Rich Media with lot of potential market

smartphone-whiteIn the below ways we can use mobile platform to promote a product or service

  1. Text Messaging (SMS)
  2. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  3. Banner ad on mobile browsers
  4. Advantages of using Mobile Marketing
  5. Instant Delivery and Instant Response: It is an instant delivery sometimes customer will respond in minutes of time.
  6. Instant rewards: We can provide rewards instantly we can grab the customer attention in no time.
  7. Latest information sharing: Information sharing is very ease and sometimes it will be viral too.
  8. We can target right audience at right time
  9. Special Offers can be announced
  10. How we can implement Mobile Marketing:
  11. Build the Database: First we need to build the database of the targeted customers.
  12. Keep it simple: Our promotion, our message should be very simple and direct to the customer.
  13. Personalize: Personalize the message according to the target user.
  14. Be relevant: Always send some relevant message to the customer.
  15. Maintain time: Maintain right time to reach the customer rather than in odd timings.
  16. Make it viral Message: Send some viral messages rather than ordinary one.
  17. Future Advancements in Mobile Technology and marketing:
  18. Mobile TV
  19. Location Based Services
  20. Mobile Video Streaming
  21. Mobile payments
  22. Mobile Marketing Process:
  23. Targeting Right Audience
  24. Creating a content and Concept for delivery
  25. Creating a Campaign by doing research on market
  26. Designing an Application and Building it
  27. Reporting
  28. Finally by using a perfect mobile strategy
  29. We can Acquire Customer
  30. We can engage with Customer
  31. We can inform to the Customer
  32. We can connect with Customer
  33. We can Serve Customer
  34. We can Retain Customer

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