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Mobile Marketing Is Here to Stay.  Learn how mobile marketing works.

Did you know 97% of shoppers, search online first to find a product and then buy locally.

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How Mobile Usage Impacts Local Businesses

It is no secret that the amount of people using mobile devices, in particular smartphones, has climbed sharply over the past few years. In fact, everyone you know owns either a smartphone or tablet today; in many cases, they own both.

The features and functionality packed into these small devices are truly amazing compared to the basic mobile phone we all had just a decade ago. Back then, it was an “upgrade” if you owned a “flip” phone with a color screen.

As these devices became more sophisticated (i.e. the applications on them reach the levels that you can get with a personal computer), the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of computers sold worldwide.

In fact, you may be surprised to know that many people are actually ditching their desktop computers and laptops in favor of using a tablet device…permanently

Today’s smartphones and tablets are so robust that you can actually play games, watch HD movies, take pictures, and of course, browse the internet. While these are all fantastic features, it is the latter which should intrigue you the most as a business owner.

When it comes to web traffic, 30% of it comes from mobile devices, which proves just how critical the mobile internet is for the average person.  Furthermore, studies have shown that 90% of smartphone users search for LOCAL information. This makes sense because as people are out on-the-go, they often need information about products, services, and businesses in their local area.

The convenience of a smart device allows them to get any type of information they need within minutes, such as a phone number, address, product/service details, and more.

This is great news for local businesses who have adapted to the mobile boom because a large amount of these searchers actually call or visit them in person after a search.   However, most businesses still aren’t capitalizing on this shift because they do not have mobile-friendly websites.

In other words, when their potential customers and existing customers try to access their websites via mobile, they’re met with a frustrating, slow-loading website that doesn’t offer any of the information they’re looking for.

So instead of the business getting closer to a potential sale, they’re simply losing business. Just as technology has advanced for mobile users, it has also created a major opportunity for business owners to capture this mobile audience by having a mobile optimized website.

This way, those mobile users will be met with a user-friendly, no-hassle experience.  Naturally, this translates into more sales for those companies that have taken the time to ensure that their target audience is not blocked from their business.


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