Marketing Techniques: So Is Insulting The Competition Going Too Far?

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Marketing Techniques: So Is Insulting The Competition Going Too Far?

When you are marketing your company it is important to make sure that you get the public thinking that yours is the only one they should be going to in your sector.

So this means making sure that you put yourself above your competitors and this can prove a very tricky proposition. What are the best marketing techniques for today’s climate?

Yes you have confidence in your company, but then of course you should.   But how do you convince someone else who is considering giving you money to go ahead and do just that, rather than going to someone else.   Remember people are free to do as they want and will often choose between different companies based on their merits.

Marketing techniques show as a result some companies decide to run advertisements that are considered hostile which actively attack their competitors in some way.   Often they choose to do it very subtly but also without any grace.   So if you think that the idea of telling people to choose your company because you are better than the others is going to work then think again.   If you decide to market your company by comparing it to another rather than showing what the benefits of using you are can prove to be a very risky strategy indeed.

Marketing Techniques:  Apart from anything else there is a risk of being drawn into a tit-for-tat war with other companies who are able to find things that they can use to attack your company with.   It is a totally needless situation to find yourself in and instead makes you look amateurish and immature.  Whereas if you choose to focus on your good points then it proves far more effective when attempting to sell yourself to others.

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