Marketing Strategy: The Big Spray Method

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Marketing Strategy: What is the most effective method of marketing?

Most companies today who want to become more prominent in the eyes of the public will choose to use a big hitting marketing strategy.   As well as being expensive this type of strategy can also prove very risky as they need to purchase TV time and then record an advertisement that will be aired locally and regionally.

Otherwise they may take out a full page ad in a newspaper or place short ads that are repeated on the radio.

What they are hoping is that by spending more they will able to bring more customers to them.

However the biggest problem with taking this approach is that it doesn’t matter how much you spend there is no guarantee that this form of advertising will succeed. This type of marketing reminds me of cooking pasta. When you cook pasta you never know if its done.  The wise tale is if it sticks on the wall it must be good.  This is never true and we compare this to tracking and marketing.  Some companies and marketers believe you need to create multiple  marketing pieces and see what sticks.  The problem with this type of marketing is it is not trackable.  You may know that marketing works but just do not know which marketing works.

Predicting the future with any kind of accuracy is difficult and should you place an advertisement on National TV or with a certain radio station you cannot be sure that will not happen between placement of the advertisement and it is meant to run that causes people to turn over to watch the other.   So resulting in you losing that all important marketing punch.   Although this may not happen there is nothing to say that it won’t and you can clearly see how dangerous it is to put all your eggs in one basket.

For those who want to attract more customers then history clearly shows that they need to grab their attention from the ground up.   The more attention you get then the easier it increases your pull.   If you do this gradually instead of trying to get their attention all at once is the best way to go.   Only start using TV advertising when you can afford to do so, never use it as a gamble as the odds it gives aren’t worth taking.

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