Marketing Strategies: You Need To Know Your Customer

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Marketing Strategies: Losing Sales? You need to know your customers.

Today marketing strategies come with a great deal of criticism and much of the anger people feel is directed at how unsubtle some of the advertising we see today is.   Most of us as soon as an annoying advertisement appears on the TV have turned over or express some displeasure that it is on again.

In fact when certain ads appear we tune these out and sometimes when we see it for the 20th time do we remain alert enough to remember just what the advertisement is for. What are your Marketing Strategies? 

Marketing Strategies # 1:  Know your target market:  If your budget for marketing is limited then this is the kind of response you don’t want to be getting.  So knowing who your customers are is essential when it comes to marketing.   Most businesses are unable to claim that they are able to appeal to everyone.   I mean do you have a product or service that is the kind of thing a 79 year old woman would find useful in much the same way as it would for an 18 year old boy?   If it does then of course you have a sure fire winner and creating a marketing campaign for it shouldn’t prove at all difficult.   However most products and services will appear to specific markets and it is to these customers you must be able to reach out to.

Marketing Strategies # 2:  Target and segment your marketing messages;  If say your product is perfect for young male professionals then advertising it on the radio during office hours won’t work.  Instead you need to be advertising it during the afternoon period.  However if yours will appeal to seniors then avoid advertising it during a live rock show.   Remember you are trying to get your message across to the largest number of people so it provides real value for money.

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