Marketing Principles: What are the benefits of marketing online?

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Marketing Principles: What are the benefits of marketing online?

Marketing principles:  The world has changed somewhat since the internet arrived.  It Is perfectly reasonable to say that this has become the biggest single development to occur in relation to global communication since the telephone was invented.   It is in fact on part with this invention.    Just think what your routine would be like on a daily basis without the internet.  

No email much reduced rolling news, no online shopping and no internet banking.   Now you get the picture.

Now think what you would have to do in order to market your business without the internet.   There are many marketing principles to consider.  Okay marketing came well before the internet and was possible to do before we went online and would remain possible to do even if all the servers in the world were to crash.   In fact it is still easy for us to market offline.   But it seems stupid to consider when you have marketing for free online.   So why would you bother to market another way?

There are many reasons for why you should consider it.  Firstly not everybody today has the internet as some people don’t have a computer and cannot afford to without having to borrow the money which they simply don’t want to do.   Whilst for others there are personal reasons for them not wanting to have the internet.  Then there are others who still distrust things which can be purchased online.   It is for these reasons alone that you should have established an offline as well as online marketing strategy.

Marketing Principles are essential to your long term effect.

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