Marketing Perspectives: Can your clients find you without the internet?

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Marketing Perspectives: Can your clients find you without the internet?

Marketing perspectives:  In this day and age it doesn’t seem like a wise decision to advertise without using the internet, especially as it seems everything is happening online these days.   But there is little doubt that the internet is a very crowded forum when it comes to advertising and so finding space for publicity in order for something to be seen is proving very challenging.

As a result of this it is important that you devise a strategy for offline marketing.   It is important no matter the size of your business that you are able to promote the product you have.   But how you go about this will depend on the size of budget you have.

Should the internet stop tomorrow all over the world then most of the big companies would just shrug their shoulders and spend more on purchasing advertising space in magazines or newspapers or on TV.

Marketing Perspectives:  However not all businesses can afford to do this.  You could of course go out sticking up flyers everywhere but the problem is that in most places you are doing something that is totally illegal.   Therefore it will require a little ingenuity from you on how you place advertising.  Yes dropping flyers through peoples doors may get your brand seen but this won’t amount to very much as people normally throw what they see as junk mail directly into the bin.

What you need to be doing instead is thinking of a way that will allow you to catch the attention of people and once caught allows you to point your over to them convincingly.   If you can do so without being annoying then you are certainly onto something, but it won’t be easy to achieve.

Marketing Perspectives:  Some of our customers have found amazing results in Trade shows, grocery tape advertising and bill inserts.

However, the majority of our customer have seen sales increase when advertising decreases.  Why is that you may ask?

Remember, people see an average of 3300 advertising messages a day. They have become immune to advertising.  When you are seen as a consultant and provide value people remember you.  The more they remember and start to like you, the more likely they are to buy from you and tell their friends.

Marketing Perspectives:  There are very subtle differences we can provide our customers. Subtle difference that dramatically improve your bottom line.  Lets face it, it isn’t about getting to the top of the search engines anymore.  At the end of the day it is about what is in the cash register and how many customers you have.  To find out how we can help improve your business, contact us with your Marketing Perspectives questions.


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