Marketing Perspectives: Are We Speaking Frankly?

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Marketing Perspectives: Are consumers being lied to?

Were you to ask one hundred consumers what they find most unbelievable about marketing, you are probably going to find that at least 25% of them will say they feel lied to.  Marketing perspectives and analysis show that consumers hate being lied to and are far less likely to take notice of marketing if someone is always telling them a lie.

In fact this has led to a cynical market which has become hard to nail down through the use of conventional marketing.

If you were to tell someone that something is too good to be true they will tend to believe it and so it must be a lie.   In fact you can go along way if you are honest with your customers.  What we mean is that you should be concentrating on the facts whilst avoiding trying to make your product look like it can solve all their problems.   What consumers want to hear is how something will make their life easier, more convenient or enjoyable.   It may be that you are making your product to be better that it is and when this is the case people are often more impressed.

Certainly gaining a reputation for speaking frankly is honorable indeed as people are fed up with all the lies and are more willing to value the word of someone who is prepared to be less hyperbolic and uses more constructive marketing instead.   But you shouldn’t undersell yourself and also be prepared to tone down what you say.   As you will discover people will be happy to spend more time with you if they trust you.

Remember, people buy from people they know like and trust.  What type of image do you protray?

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