Mailing Lists Are Not Just For Computers

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Mailing Lists Are Not Just For Computers

The term mailing lists along with the many different words that mean mail have in recent years become very synonymous with emails.  This is quite an interesting development as companies have been using mailing lists long before the internet was invented.   Certainly in this day and age there is no reason for this to change and in fact there is still a benefit to be had from sending out things in the actual mail where a computer isn’t required.

In fact building a contact list is something that all companies should be doing.   With the right sorts of contacts it is then possible to reach  a market providing them with information that allows them to consider what is available and so allows them to come to a decision that they want it.

How you go about getting these contacts is up to you.   But a lot of companies will build up such a mailing list through providing a comment slip with every product they sell.   Then of course all that needs to be done is for the customer to fill it in and send it back and they then have their details.  If you operate a mail order service you are in luck as you have the addresses of customers who have used you before.   As a result of this it makes sending out information on further services and products you are offering that they may be interested in much easier.  Plus you can use this information to inform them of special offers all by sending out a flyer or writing a letter personally to them which speaks directly to them not as your customer but another person.   By doing this you will help to retain an element of trust and by speaking frankly you may well persuade a great many people to do business with you.

Offer an incentive for each comment card or testimonial received back.  The usual return rate of comment cards is 2.5%. There are many elements that go into a successful mail piece.

Some of these include

  • A strong headline.
  • Benefits explaining a problem
  • Effective call to action with subtle hints. You want the reader to get in the buying mode. The highest converting mail letter we ever created has an shocking 4.5% rate of return.

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