Learn How Twitter Marketing and Social Media are Vital for Long Term Success

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Learn How Twitter Marketing and Social Media are Vital for Long Term Success

1 in 3 marketers have successfully used Twitter to generate leads for their business and 2% of them have closed deals off of Twitter.

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Twitter Marketing:  Tips for Using Twitter the Right Way

Most local business owners don’t know how to use Twitter Marketing effectively and end up neglecting their Twitter profile all together. In fact, many of them end up coming to the conclusion that social media marketing just isn’t for them.

But what they don’t realize is that there is a right way – and a wrong way – to market their companies on Twitter.

If you’re considering using this great platform for your online marketing, or already have an Twitter profile but need help making it work for you, here are some tips to get you on the right track:

1. Use Twitter Marketing for socializing – most of the time. Sure, you want to get your business out there and promote your products and services, but your followers don’t want to be constantly “sold to.” Instead, focus on ways to use Twitter to socialize with and update your followers about your business and industry. Occasionally, you can create promotional tweets for your products or services, but make sure that you prioritize socializing over promoting.

2. Build relationships with followers in order to grow your business. You can’t grow your business without having a wide customer base; so use Twitter Marketing to build trusting relationships with your followers, whether they’re prospects or customers. Focus on providing valuable content and be sure to answer any customer-related questions you may receive. All of this will show your audience that you are a trustworthy business owner.

3. Help others. If you’re following any other business owner who’s in the same market/niche as you are, retweet any tweets that you think will help your followers. Some people are uncomfortable with this method, but the opportunity here is that you can show your followers that your goal is to put their needs first and won’t let competition get in the way of that. Also, even if your followers go to that business for their products and services, you can likewise gain more followers from the other companies.

4. Avoid repeating the same message over and over again. There’s nothing that kills a Twitter page more than repetitiveness and spamming. There’s no need to post the same tweet several times in a day. For instance, if you have a promotional offer for your Twitter followers that has an expiration date of one week, retweet it every other day and only once a day. For the best results, focus on choosing the right times to retweet your offers so that most of your followers can see it.

5. Give your followers a call-to-action. Encourage customers to take action with your tweets with call-to-action messages, such as “Retweet to get your FREE meal today between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.!” This type of post will generate even more followers, as well as sales.

When Twitter users see that you’re sincere and not just after their money, they’re more likely to trust you, share your posts, and interact with you. Don’t use Twitter for your promotional needs alone – use it to build relationships and add credibility to yourself and your business.

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