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In this modern day era as technology advances, outdated forms of advertising such as the yellow book are no longer of use. Studies have shown that 75% of clients will use the internet to find your business before they invest the the time to visit it.

The question most business owners have is if the platform they are using to advertise their business is creating enough exposure or traffic to attract the maximum amount of potential clients. This is a concern our clients will never have to worry about.

We believe there is a more efficient way to do marketing. We are a company passionate about providing more promising and profitable marketing tools where our clients can be confident their business will not only be seen by the masses, but peak their interest in the products they are supplying.

We understand how passionate our clients are about making a change and seeing their dreams come to realization, and we are just as passionate in making sure that happens. We are able to create the synergy you need to keep your business thriving and flourishing by reaching its full potential.

Once you explore our content, you will instantly see how we capture the essence of marketing through engaging strategies and creative designing styles. Feel free to explore and navigate through our website, view our videos, graphical portfolios and presentations to truly understand the individual attention and time we give to each client through our artistic brilliance and insight, ensuring success to every account entrusted to us.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency

With Digital Online Marketing, find out how we will help you effectively advertise your products or services online.

​Our marketing strategies get you clients. Period. We proactively create opportunities for dynamic business growth. Our tactics involve pinpointing your company’s most powerful characteristics to create a digital marketing campaign that attracts superior clientele.

We help you maintain constant, quality contact with your audience, managing data analysis and CRM campaigns to catalyze lead generation, support customer retention, and radically improve your bottom line.

We focus on online marketing. It’s one of the least understood and most diverse type of marketing. Online is where today’s customers and clients are. Our goals is to help people with their marketing.  We believe there is a better way to do marketing. A more valuable, less intrusive way where our clients are earned and not bought. We admit we are obsessive passionate about it, our mission is to help people achieve their marketing goals.


Our mission is to help business owners achieve their marketing goals in a more valuable, less intrusive way where our clients are earned, not brought.

We have mastered the skill of attracting consumers to various businesses that fit their consumer needs, while at the same time empowering our clients to excel in their business pursuits by giving them the opportunity and tools to change the lives of individuals, families and entire communities through their service.

First we evaluate your marketing and online presence to see if there is any area that needs improvement. Through your complimentary market analysis, we have a baseline or starting point that guides us to effective marketing through the internet. We might not have the ability to help you and also our service is not for everybody.

We Get You Results

Bull Falls Marketing is an established experienced marketing agency. We focus exclusively on helping local businesses sell and retain more local business. We use cutting edge technology to help our clients build their brand and reach their ideal prospects and convert prospects and leads into long term customers.

As a team of professional online marketing and internet search engine specialists, we take pride in our expertise, as well as our dedication to our clients and their products or services.

Our team of proven professionals are here to help you with all your online marketing needs. Our team has been helping businesses just like yours generate leads, foot traffic and ultimately sales for years. Just take a quick look at our portfolio the see the results we’ve gotten for our previous clients.

Meet Our Team

Our keen and innovative professional staff is adept at transforming your campaign into attractive media and digital content that engages visual, aural, and haptic experiences. The graphical and SEO content, we’ll generate for you is sure to motivate your audience toward direct and immediate action.

Lauren Nelson

Lauren Nelson

Creative Design Services

Lacey Hammock

Lacey Hammock

Video Optimization

Liberty Taylor

Liberty Taylor

Digital Marketing

Samantha Jacobsen

Samantha Jacobsen

Customer Service

 April Yates

April Yates

Content Marketing Specialist

Tony Fishburne

Tony Fishburne

Website Design

Julia Dobbins

Julia Dobbins

Design Services

Sheryl Henricks

Sheryl Henricks

CEO and Founder

Wondering how our process works?

First, we evaluate your marketing and online presence to see if there are any areas that need improvement. Through your complimentary market analysis, we have a baseline, or starting point, that guides us to effective marketing techniques and implementation. Learn more now. Get your detailed online marketing analysis sent to you today!

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We get your phone ringing, generate leads for your business AND increase your sales with specific marketing processes.

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