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What are the top facts of website optimized?  Do you know how the search engines determine which website gets good ranking and which ones rank poorly?

Website optimized:  There are over 85 items that the search engines use to index websites.  Once your website is indexed your work has just begun.    Is your website optimized properly.

After your website is indexed, you need to get your website ranked. Once your website is indexed the ranking of the website is critical.  When people enter a keyword that describes your product or services, then and only then do you start to see your website get traffic and prospects.  The proper keywords must be selected based on mix of buyer keywords and industry specific keywords. These keywords describe the products or services you offer.

For example, a flower shop mixed choose long stem roses as a keyword or lake side floral as potential keywords to rank for.  Only thru comprehensive analysis of the search engine algorithms can a proper keyword analysis be completed  This is a very technical, in-depth and long process.

Without a functional website optimized,  solid lead generation capture system and niche that people buy from how can your website be optimized for maximum profit.

Is your website easily found in Google or Bing?  If not, it may not be properly optimized for search engines.

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