How To Become A Face In Your Community

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How To Become A Face In Your Community

Most offline marketing by necessity must be done in your local area in order for it to prove efficient.   So in this respect you will find it beneficial if you make yourself much more of a local face as possible without you making everybody sick of seeing you.  

Getting your picture in the local paper regularly is one way to do this.  However make sure that you are getting your face in the paper with a positive headline say local busy body sticks their nose in other people’s business won’t prove as positive.

Online Publicity:  When it comes to be a face in your community it isn’t that you need to work hard at to achieve.   Of course people are more likely to think of your company when they need it if they see your name or face regularly.   But what is important is that they not only associate your name but also your face with positive things and as long as you are not a pompous idiot then this won’t be difficult to achieve. Remember who your target market is. If you sell ski boots who is more likely to buy the person who has been skiing for years or a brand new beginner?

The experienced skier. Why? They already see the value of the product your are offering and as a result there is less sales resistance.

Online Publicity:  When wanting to get involved at a local level this means doing things like raising awareness about matters of public safety and health.   However if you are constantly writing about the state of children in your area then you are verging on being a pompous idiot.   In fact it will pay off more if you are willing to take on the role of helpful and interested citizen.   Without actually thinking why most people will tend to gravitate towards a business that they can make positive associations with.  Also getting involved at a local level needn’t cost you anything all.  However if you are willing to contribute towards some local charity this won’t do you any harm either.

Online Publicity:  Consumers always buy from people they know, they like and they trust. Remember to always great your customers and smile. The smile represents confidence in the product you sell. If your provide value and are seen as the educator or consultant instead of the sales person pushing for the sale, sales will increase.

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