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Email marketing to maintain clients and customer retention.

Email has changed our lives and the way we do business.  Everything from business proposals to funny jokes from a friend.  Email is an integral part of our lives. When turn on your computer or laptop it is one of the first things you do. And with the explosion of mobile devices, most people carry their email everywhere.

Did you know that 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device?
As a business owner it has become a critical tool. But how can you leverage this to increase your business? 


The simple answer is email marketing.

You can now target specific customers in your database based on each of their interest

  • Get real time reports
  • Send Coupons
  • Integrate with Social Media

Did you know that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year from promotional email?

Stay in touch with your customers. Build relationship and drive more sales with email marketing. It’s a fast, simple and cost effective way to communicate with your customers and increase business.  Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business succeed.

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Components of an Effective Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, quality is better than quantity. There is no benefit to the small business owner from composing dozens of emails when very few of them are opened.

There seems to be a great debate over what is a “good” or “typical” open rate. Some feel the average is 4-10% of emails delivered while others argue 18% is normal. The actual open rate is out of your control, but here are some tips for optimizing your email to entice more people to open it. When using email marketing the following is needed:

  1. Personalize the sender’s name. Always use a real name instead of an email address in this field. It can be your name or a sales manager’s name but seeing an email from Jane Smith is much more personal than seeing an email from
  1. Create an eye-catching subject line. Think of how many emails you receive in a single day. If you scan the subjects quickly, do any of them stand out? Would your own email subject line stand out in your inbox?

Experts agree that using the same subject line for each email you send, such as “Monthly Chiropractic Newsletter” or “News from ABC Company” actually reduces the open rate. Be creative!

Use Email Marketing and Tell a Story

Now that your reader has opened your email message, what do you want them to read? A cheesy sales pitch that will turn them off – and possibly force them to unsubscribe – or a story they can relate to, which shows the personal side of your business?

  1. Use a conversational tone. Write to your readers as if you’re speaking to your best friend. This may be the opposite of what you learned in school but writing for the internet or email is more casual than how we used to write our term papers.
  1. Pay attention to length. You don’t have to share every single detail of the story in one email. Either summarize the story or spread it into multiple emails. Remember that people have short attention spans and often skim when reading online so keep it short and simple but still full of valuable information.
  1. Correct misspellings and grammar mistakes. Even though you’re writing casual emails and trying to relate to your readers, this is still a reflection of your business. Misspellings acceptable while texting are not acceptable in email or any other business writing. Remember email marketing for long term retention.

Email Marketing and An Exit Strategy

When your reader gets to the end of your story or message, what do you want them to do? Deleting the email shouldn’t be the only option.

  1. Adding a call to action near the end of the email (or even in the middle, depending on the length of the email) directs the reader to take action. It can be as simple as, “Click here to watch the video” or “Call the office today to schedule your appointment”.
  1. Use urgency to compel people to act. So often people will read an email and say, “I’ll do that later” but telling them your schedule is filling up quickly or appointments are limited will spur people to take action more quickly.

Email marketing is not an exact science and you can’t control your readers’ actions. However, using these tips will certainly help in your quest to get your emails noticed and read.

Enjoy our blog, we update it frequently with the latest marketing tips and strategies to generate leads, increase your sales and get your website found online with specific marketing processes.