Direct response forms are they needed?

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Direct response forms are they needed?

Did you know that making slight changes to your website can have major impacts on its ability to convert visitors into leads or sales?

Having simple direct contact response forms in strategic places on your website is the key. What are direct response forms?

Why using direct response forms makes capturing leads easy

Your business website should always work as a powerful marketing tool for generating leads and sales. This can be done with capturing tools, yet most business owners don’t have the time to deal with learning JavaScript, HTML, and other necessary codes to make professional capture pages.

There are several goals which you should strive for with your business website, including:

  • Increasing your subscriber list
  • Gaining insights on what visitors are looking for
  • Gathering new leads
  • Turning leads into paying customers
  • Sending out valuable information to your leads

In order to successfully reach these goals, you’ll need effective capture pages and tools. Your subscriber list will grow faster with capture pages, so it’s important to utilize the convenient tools that a good website provides.

Capturing Information

When someone visits your website, you’ll want to capture certain information, such as their name and email address. This way, you can follow-up with your visitors instead of letting them go completely.

This is easy to add email opt-in forms to your website to capture these leads. It is best to give away something of value in exchange for their email addresses, such as free reports or discount offers.

In addition to direct response forms or opt-in forms, consider adding a survey to your landing page, but make sure that you it doesn’t come off too “sales-like.”

Consumers love to give their opinions, so create a short, to-the-point survey that asks for opinions on certain products and services. Be sure to ask for their contact details for follow-up.

For example, the contact form or direct response forms allows you a convenient way to quickly secure your leads and business prospects name and email address automatically. It also provides a way to send automated responses to prospects and create as many forms as you want.

Once visitors subscribe to your list, your autoresponder system will quickly go to work; making it easier than ever to keep up with your leads and contacts.

Contact us today to learn how direct response forms or contact us forms can improve your business.  

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