Being A Big Fish In A Small Pond

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For someone to be able to judge another person’s ambition they will often ask the question “Would you prefer to be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?”  When it comes to you marketing your business the answer to this question should really be the first one.

If you advertise locally you will spend a lot less money than choosing to go further and wider.   Also you will be able to gain the full attention of a small number of people rather than you barely registering with thousands.   When it comes to potential customers you want to have their attention fully.  

Some may see this as lack of ambition but I see it as playing the percentages. Certainly if you aim to be a big company one day then throwing lots of money upfront in order to try and stir up attention for you in the marketplace where there are lots of others competing for the same business doesn’t make a sound strategy.   However by becoming number one where you are based allows you the opportunity to diversify into neighboring territories before you become a feature on a more national level.   You need to be conscious at all times about what will work for you.

Although being ambitious is great, you shouldn’t get confused between ambition and recklessness.   When running a business you need to be fully aware of what you need in order for yours to be successful.   You have plenty of time to try and reach for the stars.  Instead what you should be doing is looking to build a decent ladder for yourself.   You aren’t actually aiming for what is low, but rather you are making yourself aware of what is possible and so ensuring that you are able to grab it.

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