Are you struggling to get consumers to your business?

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Are you struggling to get consumers to your business?

Stuck in your old marketing methods which are giving you poor ROI?

Then you need Internet marketing,  85% of people find local businesses online.

And consumers use,

  1. Search Engines – Consumers are searching for your services every single month, but they can’t find YOU!
  2. Video Marketing – YouTube now has over 3 billion views every single day
  3. Social Media – If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd biggest country in the world
  4. Mobile Marketing – 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes
  5. Review websites – 72% of people from a consumer review say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation from people they know.

When consumers search for your services do you want them to see this?

Marketing with Text Messages?

Did you know that mobile text messaging, also called SMS, (short message service) can build consumer relationships?

Mobile text messaging can also help build your sales and up your bottom line. If you have a local business, text messaging is a great way to market your business. When you send someone a text message you must have permission to do so. As a result, it’s the ultimate permission-based marketing.

Consumers will usually receive the text message immediately, unlike with emails, where they may not be at their computer. The other great thing about SMS is that, by definition, they’re short, and people are more likely to read them for that reason. If you have any doubt about the power of SMS, think about the recent news about uprisings all over the world, most of this was started and organized by SMS!

Here are a few tips to get your started:

Get Permission – As a business, you must get permission to text others, so ensure that you have a clear opt-in process, or a way for your customers and potential consumers to sign up. In marketing circles they call this permission-based marketing and text message marketing is the ultimate in permission-based marketing. Somehow, people view messages coming to their phone as more personal. So, get permission!

Avoid Slang — Don’t use slang short hand in your text messages even though it is tempting and space is limited. Most adults don’t use slang, and even the children are starting to use it less now that we have auto-text.

Watch your budget — Use a service that is within your budget today. You can build later, but read the contracts and make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company who uses permission-based marketing to your target market.

Get Participation — Each text should ask for participation of some kind of all consumers in other words, you should have a call to action. It can be to use a coupon, come to the store and scan a QR code, participate in a scavenger hunt or anything that you can come up with. If it’s fun, and gives a discount, many will do it.

Give it time — It can take time to build a following via text messages, as consumers keep their cell phone information closer and often see sales calls and text messages from businesses as an invasion of privacy. However, those who do give their permission and their information, are very likely to purchase, so taking the time to build your program is a must.

Just like email campaigns, you must have a plan in place regarding what text messages you’re going to send, when you’re going to send them, and to whom.  Once you develop a list of mobile numbers, you can start your campaigns. In fact, before you even collect the first number, you should be aware of what you will send, how often you will send them, and what you want their response to be. Starting without a plan is a mistake.

If you hire a company to manage your campaigns, ensure that they are legitimate and working on the up and up. They need to explain to you how they collect the phone numbers and how the people opt in or opt out. If they do not offer these options then steer clear and find a different company. There are legitimate companies out there with whom you can work.

Well now you can and guess what…Internet marketing can be A LOT more affordable than you think. Don’t wait! – Make it easy for consumers to find your services.  Give us a call, or enter your details for a call back today!

Enjoy our blog, we update it frequently with the latest marketing tips and strategies to generate leads, increase your sales and get your website found online with specific marketing processes.


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